Call For Abstracts

Call for abstracts

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Australian Association for Adolescent Health National Youth Health Conference 2015 – “Working together”

The Australian Association for Adolescent Health (AAAH) invites the submission of abstracts on original work for consideration within the Conference Program. Abstracts must be submitted under one of the seven categories outlined in the diagram below. Each submission may address clinical, research, education, advocacy and/or policy aspects of the chosen category. Presentations should embody the conference theme of “working together”. Multidisciplinary participation is encouraged.

AAAH conference presentations will take a number of forms:

  1. 1. Oral presentation

    Oral presentations on original research should allow 10 minutes for the presentation with 5 minutes allocated for questions. Abstracts should be no more than 200 words in length.

  2. 2. Symposium

    Symposium sessions will last 60 minutes and include a maximum of 3 speakers. Various forms of presentations are encouraged with panel discussions, audience participation and other variations welcomed. Priority will be given to applications that promote audience engagement and discussion. A minimum of 15 minutes is to be allocated for this. An abstract of no more than 150 words is requested for the symposium as a whole. An additional 150 word summary (per speaker) is required which outlines what each speaker will address.

  3. 3. Poster presentations

    The conference will dedicate an allotted time for poster presentations with the opportunity for audience participation and enquiry.

Abstract submission deadline is 31 July 2015

The Seven Categories (with some examples of topics)