Wednesday 11 November 2015
1800 – 2000 Welcome ReceptionWhat better way to kick off the Conference than joining the participants from the Youth Forum at the Welcome Reception. This Grand Slam event will be full of entertainment provided by dance and music groups made up of young people, including Dig Deep hip hop crew and Transit Dance.
As some attendees will be under 18 this will be an alcohol free function.
Thursday 12 November 2015
0800 – 0900 Registration open
0900 – 0930 Welcome and opening

Performance by Drumlines

0930 – 1015 Keynote AddressA/Professor Jane BurnsView Presentation
1015 – 1045 Morning Tea
1045 – 1145 Resilience and Wellbeing Chronic Illness and Disability Weight and Health Health Education Interface
SymposiumMoney can’t buy… Wellbeing, identity and the critical role of young people in systemic changeLauren OliverLily GrahamCrystal Moon SymposiumChronic Illness, Peer Support and Youth EmpowermentAllesha FecondoJames WilliamsHeather CampbellView Presentation SymposiumAtypical Anorexia Nervosa – A weighty issue!Michele YeoView Presentation

Elizabeth HughesView Presentation

Martin PradelView Presentation

Extended Oral PresentationsSupporting transition, inclusion and improved educational outcomes for adolescent students with specialised health needs in Queensland state schoolsGeraldine DyerHelen McCullaghKim BennettView Presentation

The Childhood to Adolescence Transition Study (CATS): The Middle Years – A Foundation for Future Health and WellbeingLisa MundyView Presentation

1200 – 1300 Resilience and Wellbeing Chronic Illness and Disability Weight and Health Health Education Interface
Oral PresentationsYoung people and mental illness: breaking down stigma through musicJoshua CunniffeView Presentation

13 questions to ask young people about their ways of using musicKatrina McFerranView Presentation

Exploring Young Peoples ‘Motivation’ in Attending Outdoor Music FestivalsAlison HuttonView Presentation

Leading youth forward through mentorshipCiara StapletonView Presentation

Oral PresentationsLinking in and grooving out: the use of music to address social connectedness for young people with disability transitioning between school and adult servicesMelissa Murphy

Livewire: putting a price on social connectionKylie Johnson

Livewire – Connecting teens and inspiring creativity in the hospitalRebecca CarrAngela Grant

Transition camp for adolescents with chronic conditionsSilja Kosola

Oral PresentationsWhat factors are associated with overweight and obesity in young rural Australians?Georgina LuscombeView Presentation

A systematic review of energy requirements during puberty in healthy non obese adolescentsHoi Lun Cheng

How green is my menu?Alice PryorView Presentation

Failure to thrive and growth impairment: the link to inhalant abuseRose Crossin

Oral PresentationsThe association between schools’ conflict resolution practices and bullying behaviours between students: a multilevel observational study of 80 secondary school from New ZealandSimon DennyView Presentation

‘It is poorly covered in our school and in our system’ A community health service approach to meeting the need for sexuality, relationships and gender education in MorelandCarolyn MogharbelView Presentation

Randomised controlled trial of a complex intervention to improve school-based HPV vaccination for adolescents: the studyRachel SkinnerCristyn DaviesView Presentation

A Multi-disciplinary rehabilitation program for adolescents with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Reduction in mental health symptoms and increases in school attendanceZamia Pedro

1300 – 1400 Lunch
1400 – 1445 Youth Forum PlenaryView Presentation
1445 – 1530 Resilience and Wellbeing Chronic Illness and Disability Weight and Health Health Education Interface
SymposiumParticipatory designMichelle BlanchardJim RimmerView Presentation Oral PresentationsBiological markers of stress and anxiety in childhood cancer survivorsMazen AmatouryView Presentation

Promoting resilience wellbeing and recovery the banksia ward therapeutic group program at the Royal Children’s HospitalEmily SmithView Presentation

Direct from the source: youth views on stress, coping, and seeking helpEmma EdwardsView Presentation

Extended Oral PresentationsExamining cognitive psychopathology and behavioural symptoms of eating disorders across binge/purge profilesJasmine SmithersKirsty BullochView Presentation

Medical instability in children and adolescents with an eating disorder: Findings from a tertiary serviceDonald Payne

Oral PresentationsTransitionmate: A mobile phone application to support transition and selfmanagement in young people with chronic illnessHarriet GunnView Presentation

Embarrassing Bodies or Worried MindsLee-Ann O’BrienView Presentation

Preventive health care for adolescents – what works best?Elina HermansonView Presentation

1530 – 1600 Afternoon Tea
1600 – 1700 Resilience and Wellbeing Chronic Illness and Disability Weight and Health Health Education Interface
SymposiumUnderstanding resilience and young people in VictoriaIrene VerinsAdrian TomynMelissa WeinbergView PresentationDana BradfordMichelle Gooey Oral PresentationsExamining school functioning in adolescents with Chronic Fatigue SyndromeMichelle Tollit

Chronic illness peer support travelling together the rocky roadMickey DandachliView Presentation

A Young Adult Health Centre – From rhetoric to realityGreg McGahanView Presentation

Two heads are better than one – joining forces to deliver comprehensive transition services in New South Wales, AustraliaMadeleine Bridgett

Invited SymposiumAdolescent obesity: from victim blaming to clinical, community and political actionsChristopher ZinnView Presentation

Jane MartinView Presentation

Zoe McCallumView Presentation

Joint Policy SymposiumPenny DakinView Presentation

Sally GibsonView Presentation

Jenny ProimosView Presentation

Friday 13 November 2015
0830 – 0900 Registration open
0900 – 0930 Welcome and Opening

Performance by Somebody’s Daughter

0930 – 1015 Plenary SpeakerGender, health and law: the case of trans youthA/Professor Sam WinterView Presentation
1015 – 1045 Morning Tea
1045 – 1145 Resilience and Wellbeing Gender and Sexuality Vulnerable Youth eHealth and Technology and Vulnerable Youth
Invited SymposiumThe promise of Global Adolescent HealthProfessor Susan SawyerProfessor George Patton Extended Oral PresentationsRoyal Australasian College of Physicians sexual and reproductive health care for young people position statementSarah MartinView Presentation

Fertility preservation in transgender and gender diverse children and adolescentsCharlotte ElderView Presentation

Invited SymposiumDr Ngiare Brown SymposiumYOUth Talking It Up: Bringing the ‘e’ to eHealthMadeleine BridgettView Presentation

Anjali BalakrishnanOlivia BarendregtMae RafrafLynne BrodieJane Ho

1200 – 1300 Resilience and Wellbeing Gender and Sexuality Vulnerable Youth eHealth and Technology and Vulnerable Youth
SymposiumMental health in adolescence: protective factors and emerging risksGerry RedmondView Presentation

Fiona BrooksView Presentation

John Freeman

Oral PresentationsParental experience raising children with gender dysphoriaEmily WilsonView Presentation

Early medical treatment of Gender Dysphoria in a national Gender Dysphoria Service: Baseline characteristics of a UK cohort beginning early interventionHarriet GunnView Presentation

All Of Us – teaching sexual diversity, gender diversity and intersex topics in schoolsMatthew ParsonsView Presentation

Suicidality among sexuality diverse young people – any positive changes since 1997?Atari MetcalfView Presentation

Oral PresentationsA national profile of Indigenous adolescent health: identifying priority areas for actionPete Azzopardi

‘Our Health Our Way’- Building the Bridge between Aboriginal Youth & Health ServicesKimi HalapioView Presentation

Family tribes – an innovative program for young aboriginal carersTracey BrownView Presentation

Before School Soccer: A carefully crafted wellbeing and engagement program. It started as an idea, and has now been developed into a fully fledged program that is literally, kicking goalsRy Cielens-Johnston

Oral PresentationsThe eheadspace work and study program – Vocational Support in an online environmentGenevieve SmithView Presentation

Young and BRAVE: An evaluation of a community eMental Health intervention for youth anxietyLuka ByrneView Presentation

Young people, wellbeing and technology: findings from the Second Young and Well CRC National SurveyLaura Ospina-PinillosView Presentation

Tech Savvy and ‘AppyFiona RobardsView Presentation

1300 – 1400 Lunch

Australian Association for Adolescent Health AGM

1400 – 1445 Resilience and Wellbeing Gender and Sexuality Vulnerable Youth eHealth and Technology and Vulnerable Youth
SymposiumWorking together in CAMHS: Creative and collaborative work between mental health clinicians, teachers and families to maximise the resilience and wellbeing of adolescentsCatherine MollicaKathy EyreAmity McSwan SymposiumHearing it firsthand, the experience of trans young people and their familiesRebekah RobertsonGeorgie Stone SymposiumRight time? Wrong place?: Adolescents presenting to emergency departmentsDavid Bennett

Sally GibsonView Presentation

Kate SteinbeckView Presentation

Lena SanciView Presentation

SymposiumFitness Inspiration on Social Media: How Inspiring is #fitspo?Megan LimView Presentation

Stephanie Jong

Ivanka PrichardView Presentation

Elise CarrotteView Presentation

1445 – 1530 Resilience and Wellbeing Gender and Sexuality Vulnerable Youth eHealth and Technology and Vulnerable Youth
Invited SymposiumClosing the Chasm between Adolescent Intervention Research Evidence and Policy and PracticeDr Donna CrossView Presentation SymposiumGender Affirming Schools: Building support for transgender students across research, policy and practiceJoel RadcliffeView Presentation

Elizabeth SmithView Presentation

Rebekah Robertson

Oral PresentationsAddressing the implications of mental ill-health for a young person’s physical healthEoin KillackeyView Presentation Oral PresentationsWorking with the Communities That Care process to coordinate interventions to prevent adolescent alcohol use: a randomised community trialBosco RowlandView Presentation

Predicting early onset of intoxication a population based longitudinal study of Norwegian adolescentsFroydis Enstad

Project Tune Your Mood – an online platform using preferred music to connect with young people in and beyond therapyCarmen Cheong-ClinchView Presentation

1530 – 1545 Afternoon Tea
1545 – 1645 Resilience and Wellbeing Gender and Sexuality Vulnerable Youth eHealth and Technology and Vulnerable Youth
Oral PresentationsProtective factors of resilience in young people: a review of the epidemiological evidenceMichelle Tollit

Support, Develop, Empower: Youth Leadership at CanTeenNatalie Meti

Peer program: effects of a residential camp program on sense of belonging, psychological flexibility, coping, and self-compassion for youth living with cancerElizabeth Kelly-DalgetyView Presentation

Promoting adolescent wellbeing through outdoor programs and camps: a novel approach to understanding best practiceLauren RoseView Presentation

Oral PresentationsYep crew: peer education in practice, overcoming sexual health education challengesRachel FullerView Presentation

‘This survey is not for lesbians’: how can we make sexual health research more inclusive?Elise CarrotteView Presentation

Voices of sexuality education: giving voice to the experiences and opinions of a diverse range of young people, families and communitiesKylie StephensView Presentation

Mobilising and enhancing youth sector networks to support young people’s sexual health promotionRachel FullerView Presentation

Oral PresentationsAsk us! Young people from refugee backgrounds as advisors enhancing social inclusion within their schoolKath CooneyView Presentation

Can you see the board? A collaborative approach to optimising learning through healthElizabeth DonaldsonView Presentation

The junction hub collective impactMel BlakeView Presentation

Angst – adolescent friendly GP studyKaitlin Duell

Oral PresentationsTeens on wheels and consequences – a populationbased study of moped and scooter accidentsSilja Kosola

Adolescent and parental rating of puberty and associations with serum hormone concentrationsBen BalzerView Presentation

Healthy young people see cancer as an inevitable trajectory towards death: findings from creative research methods with school studentsPeter LewisView Presentation

Preconception mental health problems and impaired maternal-infant bonding: insights from the Victorian intergenerational health cohort study (VIHCS)Yvette Alway

1645 – 1700 Closing address

*Please note the program is subject to change without notice.